A Little About Me

Lover of faith and family.  Passion for writing, coffee, the ocean, books, music, starry nights and full moons.  I dream of heaven; long drives along the coast in a convertible with the wind blowing through my hair and music streaming through my ears; Summer nights with the windows open, my fingers flying across my laptop writing my latest best seller and an iced Americano with four raw sugars and extra cream at my side.  I hope for contentment and peace, with days of laughter and joy, and nights without loneliness and what-if’s.  My anchor is in Jesus.  The Giver and creator of this amazing universe, and the lover of my soul.  My provider when I’m empty; my comforter when I’m sad and lonely; my strength when I’m weak; my healer when I’m sick; my Father when I need encouragement and direction; my Friend when I need a hug and someone to tell my day to.  Without Him, nothing else really matters.  With Him, it’s all good.

Just thinking out loud,