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Winter Wonderland

I decided to post something today on my “favorite things” page simply because I’m feeling grateful. I typically list three items every season. There are no hard fast rules here, and I am the administrator, so I can list as many or as little as I want. Pretty cool huh? It’s winter, and the weather is being just that! Chilly days, cold nights, overcast, drizzly, rainy, snow up north, and just everything (except snow in the city) that you could want and expect from an Arizona winter. Now when I say cold and chilly, I’m speaking from a desert-dweller’s perspective! When the high is only 56 degrees, that’s chilly! I’m not complaining. I love sweaters and boot season. Socks and flannel pajamas, oversized sweatshirts, beanies and hoodies, winter scarves, and mittens. I have to admit since I haven’t been working, I’ve certainly enjoyed the holiday season from a much more laid-back viewpoint. I’m loving it, so far. I may choose to return to some kind of work in the Spring. Primarily to keep me from going stir crazy with boredom and feeling a bit useless. But we’ll see. And just maybe I’ll finish my novel and it will become a best-seller – and I won’t HAVE to return to work at all! That’s the dream plan!

My Favorite Things are fluid and can change, but for now, here are my top four.

I got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas! I’m probably the last person on earth to have one, but I’m loving the new experience. It’s super fast and there’s no more waste! One cup at a time. 8, 10, or 12 oz, and the most important part is that it tastes fantastic. My first box of pods is the Hawaiian coffee from Kauai. Can I just say WOW! I’m having a lot of fun. Plus I think I’m drinking more coffee if that’s even possible! I’m already researching my next box of K-Pods. My Keurig also has the option of using my own coffee! Yeah. I can’t wait to grind my Jamaican Blue beans and try them in my Keurig! I still have my French Press and my Coffee Toddy and will be using them as much as ever…I love coffee in case you didn’t know, so keeping my options open for all sorts of different ways of enjoying my favorite drink is important. I fixed up my coffee station/bar to incorporate my newest machine, and since I chose the slim one, it works (and fits) perfectly. Thanks, mom!

This next item may seem a little strange to some. Have you ever gone to a second-hand store and found the perfect used oversized grey soft sweater? I did. It’s long, it has two pockets and it’s already been worn with love and is soft as butter, plus it’s grey! One of my favorite colors. It can be worn with anything and I’ve even slept in it! Just saying! Trust me, it was a great purchase, for $4.99.

Next is boots! I have two pairs that I just love. One is a soft light brown leather with a little fur going on inside! Perfect with jean skirts, corduroy skirts, hoodies, and oversized sweaters! The other pair is a nice black suede with a sweet little heel to dress them up. They go with dressier stuff. I can even wear them to church, which I have several times. I love them. One for casual and one for dressy…can’t ask for much more than that?

And for my last one…I love Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles! If you are a fan of puzzles, then you know what I mean when I say, Ravensburger’s are the best quality, hands down. A bit expensive, but worth the investment. Here’s a picture of the one I just finished. It was challenging, but so much fun!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back in the Spring with another list of favorites! Until then, stay warm, safe, and surround yourself with the people you love and who love you back!


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A Thankful Thursday

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This year, Thanksgiving was a relaxing affair at Zoe’s house. She lives in a charming little house in a historical district. Exposed brick, stained concrete flooring, two bedrooms, and one tiny newly remodeled bathroom. The kitchen is white countertops and lower cabinets, and open shelves above. She has a white pained window above her deep farm-style sink. One of my favorite pieces in her kitchen is the stainless steel island with wheels. Her fantastic double oven died a sad death a while ago and she hasn’t been able to replace it yet. Mom and I were more than happy to do all the oven baking at our own homes and bring the food to Zoe. She made the mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus, and provided a lovely atmosphere for entertaining. She opened her round table up with the leaves and made it roomy enough for eight guests. Each place was set perfectly in her blue and white china, linen napkins, and the most beautiful arrangement of yellow flowers in the center.

We decided to do a ham this year instead of turkey, and I have to say it was a nice change. I did the ham. At 62 years of age, I am proud to say that my very first ham baking turned out splendid. If I had known how easy it was, I would have been doing hams a long time ago. I also did the homemade yeast rolls, which I normally do every year. And every year they seem to turn out a little different. Delicious, but just a tad unique every year. This year, they were as tasty as they were beautiful. The grandchildren thought that I cheated at did store-bought! I took that as a compliment. I also made a cheesy green bean casserole, per the request of my grandson Yuri. I have to admit, it was really good. Even if it was a bit salty. If you know me, I rarely EVER add salt to my food unless the recipe specifically asks for it. This one didn’t, so I was surprised to taste the saltiness. Mom said it was probably from the Soy Sauce! Duh…that makes sense. I’ll go lighter on it next time.

Mom was in charge of the dessert this year, and brought a pumpkin pie and an apple pie, much to our delight. I am a pumpkin pie girl! And mom’s is always perfect. My grandchildren LOVE her apple pies. Always! She also brought cranberry relish. One with nuts and one without nuts! She is so thoughtful of her great-grandson Yuri, who is deathly allergic to nuts. Thank you, mom. We all appreciate it.

A neighbor friend of Zoe’s brought a plate of crackers and cheese with some gorgeous and scrumptious grapes! She also made a Truffles Macaroni and Cheese dish that I found very tasty. I have never had truffles before and wasn’t even sure what they were. But I learned something new this Thanksgiving. Truffles are a type of mushroom. Who would have thought? Judy also brought a few bottles of Martinelli’s sparkling cider, which was enjoyed by all.

After a sweet prayer by Zoe, we all dove in and ate to our hearts’ content. The conversation was lively and the food was delicious. Sophia and Hannah helped clear the table and load the dishwasher and get ready for dessert and coffee. As the sun began to set, we pulled out a few games like Boggle and Taboo and had a blast playing round after round. There is nothing sweeter than sitting around the dinner table playing board games with four generations of family members while sipping coffee and just enjoying each other’s presence.

As Zoe loaded mom and me up with leftovers for the next day or two, we hugged a little tighter and said “I love you” a few extra times before heading out. Thanksgiving is one of those days where you are gently reminded of how blessed you are to have family and friends that love you in the good times and in the bad. It also reminds us that if everyone helps a little, there’s no stress on anyone; and it gives us a chance to breathe and remember that God is watching over each of us with love and grace and as He smiles and sees us living our lives for each other, He is proud of us. His children. His family. I am incredibly and abundantly grateful for my family. Those who sat at our table and those who were sitting around their own table…The Lord has given us another day, another hour, another minute to do the thing He put us on earth to do…Love one another. Always, in All ways.

Forever Grateful/Blessed Beyond Measure…


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Yuri Turned 14

It’s hard to fathom that I’m a grandmother to a 14-year-old. Yep, that just happened on 10/29/2021. Yuri, my first-born grandson is now officially a teenager. The emotions that stir up in me, are mixed. My first thought is how can that be possible? Where did the time go? Can’t we turn back the clock and get a chance to do a few things that somehow eluded us? That trip to Disneyland, the beach, Knotts Berry Farm, road trips to various places with lots of snacks and stops along the way. Okay, I realize he’s only 14 and we still have time, however, people keep telling me that if I don’t do these things soon, he won’t want to hang out with me any longer. What?? Are you kidding?? That kid adores me! We love hanging out together. Trying new burger joints, new milkshakes that we can dip our fries into, and sitting on the misted patio at Two Hippies Taco Joint enjoying the best fish tacos EVER while it’s 110 degrees out. We talk, we laugh, we talk some more and we are perfectly comfortable in the silence.

Being 14 is just plain awkward. Anyone over 30 knows that’s true! Don’t deny it. The smells, the facial changes, voice changes, the smells (again)! The new bombardment of questions from us to him…Did you take a shower? Did you use soap? What about the deodorant I bought you…have you put any on today? Here’s a new face cleansing regimen that you need to follow. Twice a day! Quit eating greasy foods; quit picking your face; and PLEASE for the love of everyone who lives in the same house…air out your room!! Do your laundry!! Here’s Fabreeze. My heart goes out to him!

I’m sure every parent and grandparent of a young teen has gone through this. It’s growing pains, but he’s a champ and he’s learning.

I couldn’t be prouder of him…He’s smart, kind, funny, a bit of a procrastinator (but that runs in the family so not surprising), he’s going from cute to handsome way too quickly for me. He’s a gentleman and never forgets to hold the door for me. He’s not afraid to give his opinion if asked and can hold his own in a debate on various topics. His grades in school are good. A few A’s mostly B’s and one C+. Math used to be something he loved and was always in advanced classes. Something changed in 6th grade. I think between his mom and dad’s divorce and covid and doing school from home, that entire 7th grade was a mess. Not just for him, but for so many students. I feel like they should have made all the kids take it over again when they finally went back to the classroom this year. It was tough. Our kids took the brunt of all of the mandates and decisions that came down the pipeline. More kids are in therapy and depressed than ever before. More suicides, more juvenile delinquency issues, and on and on. People blame the Pandemic, well I blame the fear that adults perpetrated out into the atmosphere, and the results have been devastating.

Anyway, back to my grandson! He plays the violin and has a concert coming up next week that I’m super excited about. He plays the piano, and I can’t help but smile every time I watch him. He goes to a performing arts school. Arizona School for the Arts. It’s also a college preparatory school, so the academics are intense. He started in 5th grade, so this will be his 4th year attending. ASA (Arizona School for the Arts) starts at 5th grade and goes through 12th. Other than last year (which we fondly refer to as the year from Covid Hell) he has done very well academically. Like I said, I couldn’t be prouder. He’s been through a lot over the last two years emotionally and yet he’s a warrior and a survivor.

This Nana’s heart smiles from ear to ear when I see him walk into church and sit down beside me and his GG (Great-grandma Barker). Watching him open his Bible to the scriptures that our pastor uses throughout the sermon on Sunday, and hearing him sing the worship songs, and clap his hands, is a joy that will never get old. My greatest prayer is that he continues to love the Lord and learn about Him by reading the Bible and praying. Having a one on one relationship with Jesus is the most important thing he will ever do. As much as Yuri is loved by family and friends, no one will ever love him, protect him, comfort him, and provide for him, like the Lord.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Yuri in the upcoming years. I believe it will be something wonderful and perfect. I pray for guidance and protection for his life and the choices that he makes today and in the future. I pray that he will always see others the way Jesus sees them. Being quick to forgive; slow to anger; tender-hearted and caring for others more than himself. I pray he grows to be a dragonslayer and strong warrior for what’s right and true. With God on his side and hard work, Yuri can achieve every dream he’s ever desired.

My mom and dad use to have a poster hanging in my room that said “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” So here’s to hoping that Yuri will never be afraid to take a stand for what he believes is true, yet always be humble enough to admit if he is wrong.

At 14 Yuri is growing characteristics that will stick with him throughout the rest of his life. As a son, brother, grandson, student, employee, husband, and father someday. These next 5 years or so are going to be so important. A balance of fun, hard work, tough lessons learned, and challenges. But the rewards will be beyond his wildest imagination.

Like I said, I am proud. I am excited and I am in constant prayer mode. But isn’t that the way it is with grandparents? My grandparents prayed for me all the time, so I’m passing on the legacy. Prayer changes things and makes life so much more bearable!

Here’s to Yuri. You make my heart sing!

Just me,


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Happy September 1st

As summer makes it’s final hurrah and kids start back to school, September has always felt like the beginning of the end to me. It’s the start of the last quarter of the year, it’s the season that takes us from color and warmth, to colder days, longer nights. That’s not always a bad thing, just different. I love each and every season, but if I had to choose one, it would be Autumn. That in-between season takes the earth from the heat of the sun and the life of the trees and flowers, and changes them in one final burst of glorious reds, oranges, yellows, browns and sienna’s and gently buries them back into the earth to hibernate, sleep and get rested for the next season that will bring them life again. So the cycle goes. New birth, vibrant life, waning moments and death. The great cycle of life. Death, burial and resurrections.

I wonder if we could ask the trees if they want to live forever, what their answer would be. I am fairly certain that it would be far different from us humans. The wise oak tree would say, “my roots grow deep and true, and the branches that spring forth from me carry the leaves that give shade and protection to the earth. But after giving shade and protection for a season, they know they’ve done their part and it’s time to let go. They fall to the earth, knowing that one day soon, their seeds will grow once again and bud on the branches in the Spring, and the next generation will provide shelter, shade, beauty and protection to those who sit under her. We are okay with time we’re given…we do our part, play our role, and let go when the season is right so we can go back into the ground, and come back again. So don’t fear when you see the tree with no leaves and the harsh winter that keeps the harvest buried for a time. It won’t always be like that. We’ll be back.”

Just thinking out loud.


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Summer- A Few of My Favorites

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since the last time I posted anything. Life has been a little weird over the last 18 months or so. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the great Pandemic or Covid, mask-wearing or vaccinations. To be honest, I’m just plain tired of talking about it. I’m grateful things are getting better and I’m doing my part, but in all honesty, my hope and trust is 100% in the Lord. He is my provider, protector, and comforter. I pray for His protection and guidance every time I put something in my mouth, every time I get in my car…and I did this long before Covid showed up. Yes, I wear a mask in certain places; yes I practice social distancing the best I can; yes I now have hand sanitizers in my car, purse, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen; and no I’m not an anti-vaxxer! But for now, my list of pros and cons as to why or why not I should get it doesn’t balance out for me. Maybe one day it will.

I do know I hope to travel overseas one day, and if things keep going like they are, I may need the vaccine in order to go on my dream vacation. If that day comes, I will roll up my sleeve, lay hands on the syringe, and pray for protection. But it will be my choice, and I will never put my complete trust in those things over my faith in God. Those are temporary; God is eternal.

So life marches on. Summer is back with vengeance! Today it will reach 117 degrees and it’s only June 15. Monsoon season can’t get here soon enough! It’s the one thing that breaks ups those long dog days of summer – where it’s so dry that you feel as though every ounce of moisture has been sucked out of your body. Stay hydrated people! Seriously. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in the desert, or call yourself a native, please cover your head and never step outside without several bottles of water! EVER.

I decided to categorize this post under “My Favorite Things.” I’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible. Keep in mind, these five things, are just my current favorite things! My favorite things are always negotiable. Here we go!

1. Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea! My favorite Summer iced tea.

2. Lola’s Coffee: has the best breakfast burritos and Honey Lavender Latte’s. Plus it has the cutest patio to enjoy them on.

3. Audiobooks. Need I say more? As much as I’m on my computer/laptop for work and for writing, it’s nice to give my eyes a break and listen to my favorite authors through my ears. Especially while taking long drives or staying indoors and relaxing in your favorite reading chair. Beware there are a few narrators who can ruin a perfectly wonderful book for you, so always listen to the sample before you decide to purchase. And always read the reviews. Trust me, they will let you know if the narrator is great, meh, or awful.

4. Taylor Farms Salad Kits- My summertime go-to for lunches and dinners. When you live alone, it’s perfect. There are many varieties to choose from and I have tried them all. If a salad alone doesn’t fill you up, add a good egg salad sandwich on rye, or a turkey, provolone cheese, and pickles on pumpernickel! Can you tell I don’t like to cook during the summer?

5. Tillamook Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip and Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream are my two favorites. Unfortunately, Tillamook has decided to discontinue the Stumptown Coffee Ice cream, which makes me very sad. It was the best! They’ve replaced it with a Chocolate Chip Coffee Ice Cream, which I haven’t tried yet. I’m back on the search for a great coffee ice cream. Any suggestions, please let me know.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading.


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My Dream

This is my dream, so just go with it.  Walking along a white sandy beach with the blue/green waves lapping against my bare feet.  The warm sun against my fair skin (I have lots of sunblock on – and a hat)… The warm, moist breeze blowing through my hair that won’t stay up because of the hat.  I really need to braid my hair, and I will just as soon as I can stop enjoying the water around my toes, and my feet feeling like they are sinking as the water pulls back into the ocean.  It just can’t help itself.  It does the same thing over and over again, and seems perfectly content doing so.  There is something so peaceful and perfect about this.  My skirt keeps whipping around my legs, and I sort of wish I was wearing something different, but it’s light, cool and dries quickly…so I’m ok.  The sun is setting; couples are walking hand in hand towards someplace special.  I’m alone.  So I dream…Feeling a little sad.  Sad is ok, sentimental is ok, wishful thinking is ok.  Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan, but it turns out the way it does for a reason.  So I am alone, in a beautiful place, a beautiful time.  God’s gorgeous creation before me; the past behind me; the future ahead of me.  Life is good.  So I keep walking…keep moving forward.  Surprising  things can happen on an ocean shoreline.   My dream; my story.  So just go with it. 

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Change Matters

Someone who knew what they were talking about once said, “don’t use a $10 word when a nickel one will do just as well.” That quote was sent to me the day after I told someone that I really wanted to be a writer. A year later, when I admitted to him that I had been working on the same story for almost a year, he forwarded me another quote that said the following: “Good is the enemy of great.”

I had to take a step back and try to figure out what that one meant. For me, that short quote is saying, don’t settle for “good”, when it can be “great”. I have tons of stories that are good. Many of them are REALLY good. Guess how many have been published? One. A short, short story about a young Amish girl who had big dreams but lived in a community stuck in their ways and traditions. Reviews from many of my stories have been returned with statements such as “great potential,” “lots of heart and warmth.” Some even said, “left me with more questions than answers”, or “felt as if it just ended abruptly.” And the one I loved the most? “Don’t leave me hanging. Where’s the rest?”

I’m a great starter. The beginning and the middle are fun, exciting, satisfying and easy for me to create. My problem? One of my problems? Coming up with an ending. How do I wrap it up? Tie up the loose threads? Have the happily ever-after? I need something different. A different approach. Not just the guy got the girl and they ran off into the sunset…Or the Hurricane that destroyed everything in the town, was re-built and relationships restored. There are a million stories out their on the shelves that tell the same story, but have different names and addresses. I need to venture out their with something unique, but not crazy. Or maybe crazy is OK, but not insane.

I tend to write how I talk. I also write about things I hear about. Other people’s stories that I hear around the lunchroom or while standing at the coffee bar in the cafeteria. It gives me ideas. Then I realize that everyone’s life story is a little different, but really they are all tied to the same story line. Love, loss, heartache, fear, sadness, pressure, temptation, love, loss, heartache…it’s a circle. Whether its loss of love; loss of money and things; the heartache of death or sickness; the temptation of power; the realization that we need each other and we all have faith in something. The search; the mystery; the wonder of things seen and felt for the first time…All of our stories have a general theme or thread that is kindred to everyone else. We’re searching for something more; something stronger; something better. Yet deep down, most people just want love. The love of a spouse; partner; friend; child. To know beyond anything else, that they are loved by someone out their in this vast universe. So, yes, “good can truly be the enemy of great.” God is good, but He’s also great! That’s the only person I know that truly has both. Sometimes we settle for good, when in some areas of our lives, we know we can be great. I personally don’t know if my “greatness” will show up in my writing one day. It might…I know it’s possible. Being a great writer isn’t my ultimate goal. I love to write, simply for writings sake. I love putting my thoughts into words and those words having an effect on someone. Isn’t that the point?

So my title today is “Change Matters.” I am going to start making some changes in my life. Nothing monumental. Just start off small and steady. The three that I’m going to start with are these: Get Up – (I sit too much); Show Up – (I could easily become a recluse in my 60’s); and Get to bed before midnight – this is self explanatory. I’m a night-owl. Always have been. That needs to change. I’ll get back with you when I start seeing some results.

When you know you need to change a bad habit that you’ve formed over time, (lots of time)… the process won’t be easy. That won’t stop me…I’m ready to make a few changes. Wish me luck.

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What’s Up With Wednesday?

Waking up to an annoying alarm may be good for motivating you to get out of bed, but in my opinion, it causes an instant irritation. An urge to throw the cell phone across the room or stuff it under a stack of pillows. The easy solution would be to change the alarm sound to something soothing and lovely. Wrong. If I did that, I’d never hear it. Or I would start dreaming of being in a cottage by the sea and the sound of the waves drifting through my open windows. That, my friend would motivate me to stay in bed a little longer. So I will continue to have a loud, obnoxious, irritating alarm sound so I will get up and get moving! I may be irritated for a short period of time. At least until my first cup of coffee touches my lips and I’ve read my daily devotions for the day. Yes, by then, I’m feeling much better. Prayer and coffee are two of my all-time “go-to’s” for assurance of a good day.

That doesn’t mean everything is going to go perfect. Or even good. But it does give me the satisfaction that even if it doesn’t go as planned, it will be okay. Someone bigger than me has it in control and will help me do better tomorrow. It also allows me to breathe better, relax more and trust that even though I made mistakes, failed miserably and didn’t achieve a single thing on my check list, I’m good. The world didn’t end. The stars still came out tonight. The moon showed up and God willing, the sun will come up in the morning; my alarm will go off, and I’ll be alive to turn it off and grumble a little as I put my feet on the ground and start another day. With another chance to try again. For that, I’m grateful.

So as Wednesday winds down, and I crawl into bed, I am reminded of the simple things in my life today. A heartbeat, eyes to see, ears to hear, a voice to speak, hands to type, coffee beans, a job, my family, a few close friends and most of all, my faith.

Today was just a regular day. Most would call it dull. Some would call it boring. I call it living. My dad used to say, “live every day as if it were your last.” And if you didn’t, pray that you have another chance tomorrow.

Here’s to doing better…


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My Favorite Things

Here are five random favorite things that I’m loving this week:

    I’ve been wanting a puppy for a long time now. So here’s the one I want; a mini Goldendoodle. I love these little guys. Cute, smart, loyal…Sounds like the perfect companion, right? This is my all-time favorite website for shopping for my dream guy. The four-legged kind, that is.

2. Noosa Yogurt! Now I’ve loved this yogurt for a long time. Coconut, Lemon, Honey, and Pumpkin were always my all-time favorites. But when they came out with Mexican Chocolate??? Well, let’s just say…Oh my goodness!!

3.  If I could live 365 days in my Clark sandals, I would. These shoes are comfortable in ways that only someone with back, knee, and heel pain could understand. And…you don’t have to sacrifice cute for comfort.  I love them.

4.  I have to confess, I’m a little bit obsessed with cooking videos. Everything from Bobby Flay grilling something delicious on his patio, to The Barefoot Contessa whipping up her amazing Vanilla Brioche Bread Pudding. 

5. Last but not least…I was a fan of adult coloring before it was a fad. My favorite coloring books are by Jade Gedeon. Her Island Escape series is amazing. I color with pencils, and it truly is a way for me to relax, with my ocean wave sounds piping through my Bose speakers. It takes my mind of the pressures of the day and allows me to be a tiny bit creative. Here are a few of my pages. 




Sorry about the duplicate picture! Not very good at this, but will list 5 more fav’s next week. Stay tuned. 



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Monday Moods

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Do you ever have those moments when you feel peace and distress at the same time? Strange, right? Most likely the distress part is coming from this unusual and non-recognizable world I’m finding myself in. I walk outside or take a drive and it’s as if I’m visiting someplace alien. My schedule has been knocked out of balance; my norms have been completely thrown out and it’s like I’m either the alien on the same planet, or it’s still me, but on some weird place out of the twilight zone.

I’m a writer, so I’m allowed to be dramatic, but I know you catch my drift. Nothing feels stable, permanent, comfortable, normal. For a Christian like myself, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I loved this place called Earth a little too much. Maybe it was feeling a bit too lasting than it should. I know this is not my permanent home. I know it’s temporary and I’m just here for a moment and then I’ll be where I belong.

Did all of this happen just so I could see how at ease I had become with this dwelling place? I hope not. I want to think I always had a longing for heaven. Not just after I took my last breath, but a yearning for something more. Something better. Something eternal and perfect. I got lazy. I became distracted by Earths beauty and abundance. It’s ease of use; it’s quick pleasures. Don’t get me wrong. This Earth has immense beauty and many qualities. And personally I love a good washer and dryer and dishwasher. It makes life easier. I use the technology as much as the next person. As much as I love maps and globes, its so much easier to just as Alexa, Siri or Google how to get some place, than to read a map while driving.

Corona has turned our world upside down and inside out. Some fear it, some ignore it and others just try to do the right thing and keep a balance. Personally, prayer is my go-to, but I also mask up, wash often and stay home more than I ever have. I use to love going out…sadly, not so much any more. We’re all just making the best of a bad situation and hoping things will go back to the way they were. All the times we complained about the way things were, now seem foolish. I talked to a man last week who said, “no matter how bad things were last year, I’d go back in a heartbeat to get away from where we are now…I’ll never complain about the little things again. If we can get past this, I’ll be grateful.” Maybe that’s a lesson to us all. Be grateful and thankful for what you have and where you’re at, no matter how difficult things are, because things can always get worse.

My mood today is truly a conflict of joyful, pensive, hopeful, sad, excited, scared and through it all, peaceful. I don’t have control over much of anything that’s happening, but I know the one who does have it all in control. He created me. He understands being sad, afraid, frustrated. I am forever grateful that He’s the King, and I’m his daughter. He’s got it all in control and he’s never too busy to listen to my heart. So no matter what is raging around me; no matter what I see with my eyes, He’s watching over every step I take; loving me; guiding me; encouraging me and giving me hope for a future. Yes, even a future here on planet earth for awhile longer, but better yet, an eternal future in my permanent place of residence. That give me peace, like nothing else can.

So no matter how my Monday moods are swinging, I can rest in the knowledge that today is gonna be all right. And that’s all I need.

Just thinking out loud.